Last Saturday, me and my roommate Ange went to Bonifacio High Street in Global City, Manila to reward ourselves for working so hard the past three weeks with our studies. We were caught in three consecutive majors exams for three straight weeks.

What a better way to reward ourselves with a weekend booksale and indulging in food!

We ate lunch at Italianni’s and they specialized in (but of course…) Italian food. Me and Ange ordered Classico Pizza as well as the Seafood Cioppino, both of which we split.

(Classico Pizza – Italian sausage, mushrooms and peppers with mozzarella and Romano cheese.) I asked if they could use whole wheat flour, but they informed me they could not.

(Seafood Cioppino – Mussels, shrimps, clams, calamari and linguine in a red wine sauce, enhanced with basil pesto.) They had whole wheat pasta as an alternative, but Ange was against the idea, I had to comply since we were splitting. We weren’t able to take a picture since I devoured it the moment it arrived. I apologize.

After that, we stopped by my favorite store Healthy Options – they sold healthier alternatives, and mostly organic things. As always, healthier options put a hole in my pocket, but I can’t help it! I love em! Lately I’ve been addicted to Oogie’s Popcorn, which I bought.

If you haven’t heard of Oogie’s, they use only the most natural ingredients with great taste to boot! Check em out at if you’re craving some popcorn:

One thing that I missed so much though, were cookies. Luckily, one of my favorite trusted organic brands, Newman’s Own, offered cookies… in chocolate mint! My favorite!

And… after what seemed like a treasure hunt for centuries I finally found… POPCHIPS!!! Jillian Michaels (whose information I trust very dearly) had been buzzing about Popchips as a great healthier snack for potato chip-craving peeps, and I felt like I went to heaven and earth to search for them. Apparently, this branch of Healthy Options at Bonifacio High Street had them. Like a dog unleashed, I grabbed a 3oz barbeque bag. Haha!

After some more shopping, we decided to stop by Xocolat before heading home in the late afternoon. Thinking it was the healthier alternative, I got the Flourless Chocolate Cake. I LOVED it. It was literally pure chocolate cake melting in my mouth – delicious!

Ange, on the other hand, ordered That Chocolate Cake.

With contented tummies, me and Ange headed back to the dormitory. Food is such a reward, such a stress reliever – isn’t it? But don’t forget to choose the healthier alternatives! I apologize for the lack of “healthy” in this post, a stressful three weeks was very difficult to get by and it called for a celebration we couldn’t ignore. Hahaha!

Til next time!! Cheers!

Note: All tagged pictures are taken by myself, or my friend, Ange (with permission); Other pictures credit: Oogie’s Popcorn:; Newman’s Own Champion Chip Cookies:; Popchips:; Italianni’s Seafood Cioppino: