As I type, I’m currently in the comfort of my own home in Cebu! I just flew back in from Manila, and I’m back home for the long weekend! I’ve got a lot of plans in my stay here, mainly with my awesome baker BFF Katrina (who by the way, bakes me cravings that I have with healthy ingredients at my request! Seriously, gotta love this girl!), since she’s leaving for Switzerland and won’t be back til June 😦 As always, those plans will involve lots and lots of food! I rarely get to go out in Manila because of the heavy schoolwork, but when I’m back here in Cebu, I eat like a freakin’ (fat) princess! Woohoo! (As a result, I gain all the weight I work so hard on losing 🙂 haha kidding.. kinda.)

Anyway, before I went to the airport earlier, I stopped by S&R, a members-only warehouse shopping chain. Okay, I admit, I went there not knowing what the hell to buy – but I went there knowing that they had the best US-imported pastry there. Cakes, muffins, cookies – you name it. And unfortunately for me, it was SO hard for me to resist the Cheese & Strawberry Strudel Bites. Like the inner (and outer.. LOL) fatty that I was, I couldn’t resist but grab a pack of 15! But I had a plan. I would probably only eat 3 pieces, and distribute the rest to friends and family. Ha! Smart indulging. 

Okay, see, if these were laid out in front of you in TRANSPARENT boxes of 15, wouldn’t you be tempted to buy them too?!?!

No, by the way, I didn’t just pick a box for myself cause they looked good. On my previous visit to S&R, I legit nearly finished the free tastes of these. HAHAHA I’M EMBARRASSED. Unfortunately, today’s a Wednesday and I think they only have fresh samples out for free tasting on Saturdays. Great strategy, S&R! I’m never going there on a weekday. Hahaha!

I still had a few minutes to spare, so I went over to the freezers, and I finally found Fage Total Greek Yogurt! I’ve been looking everywhere for Greek yogurt, it’s VERY hard to find around here. But yeah, okay, 170g of THIS yogurt was a little bit too much on my pocket. I just bought one to try it.. I heard it’s much more firm and creamy than the average yogurt, and tastes much different (note, if you can’t stand plain yogurt – I’m not talking about plain/original frozen yogurt – you probably can’t stand Greek yogurt) Also, there wasn’t any 0% available, so I had to settle for the regular one.

I’ve to admit though, the last thing I would probably let go of (as a practicing Vegan) would have to be yogurt. It’s become my favorite snack as of late.

Tomorrow, I’m cooking FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! (omg right?) with Katrina – we’re preparing dinner for our group of friends. It was supposed to be a secret, but ol’ K is so good at secrets, RIGHT?? :)) Hahahaha! So expect a few posts on that in the next few days (IF.. they’re successes. If you don’t find posts from me in the next few days.. you know what that means! Hahaha!)

Til next time!!