Last Friday I baked for the first time with my cousin, Mitch! I know right, for a person who loves food so much… it’s about time I start learning how to bake and cook my own food.

Coming from a dinner with my dad at a Japanese restaurant called Ofuku-san (one of our favorites; I wasn’t able to take pictures by the way), we went to our family compound to get some durian (it’s in season!) and fresh cherries.

Luckily, Mitch was baking cakes in one of the houses – it’s turned to my cousin’s kitchen where she bakes her customer’s orders (with our trusty helpers of course). So I seized the opportunity, and asked if we could bake! Any equipment, any ingredient – you name it, my cousin’s got it! She loves to bake that much! I decided on Blueberry Muffins that night. It was my first time baking – I did (almost) half of the work, and while it was kind of sad to be laughed at for petty mistakes (by both my cousin and the helpers), I was extremely proud and happy to be baking – AND to be cracking an egg for the first time!

In to the oven they go…

Look at em babies grow! Hahaha!

My cousin used imported blueberries (from Australia I think?) and not the processed blueberry sauce kind. We don’t grow berries here, so it’s expensive and hard to find. While I realized that using blueberry sauce would give a much “juicy” muffin, I am for fresh over processed so it’s not a big deal for me.

I should have written down the recipe, but I remember using flour, eggs (/egg substitute), sugar, butter (/butter substitute), blueberries, and baking soda… but anyway, I’ll try to post it up when I can find it!

So, the sitch was that my cousin was baking marble cakes for testing – she was baking all these 10” and 12” marble cakes as test for someone who ordered from her. I asked what she was going to do with all that marble cake, and she said to give them to the helpers. It was my friend Irina’s birthday the next day, so I asked if I could have the 10” cake.

Within a few minutes, my cousin whipped up some marshmallow icing and cut the 10” cake horizontally into half, added in some of the marshmallow in between, and frosted the cake (correct me if I’m wrong with the term?) with it. She then topped them off with Hershey’s chocolate pieces.

The master doing finishing touches…

How she thought of this instantly is beyond me, but I’m amazed at my cousin’s abilities to think of designs this fast. Here’s how the cake turned out:

For some of you bakers, you should know that baking marble cake yields some “scrap” pieces of marble cake. My cousin said that we could actually make use of the “scrap” instead of just throwing them out.

We crumbled the “scrap” cake, added some condensed milk and water, formed them in to little balls, coated them with shredded coconut and… voila! Munchkins! Is my cousin creative or what? 😀

The next day on Irina’s birthday, my friends devoured everything I baked the previous night. I loved the muffins we made, but I personally thought the munchkins were too sweet. Not for my friends though! Of course, credit goes mainly to my cousin, whose recipes I used, and I could not have done the above without her equipment, ingredients, and very self! Thanks, chi! 😀

If you live in Cebu and would like to order special custom cakes, cookies, or any pastry, my cousin is an amazing baker. I assure you of excellent taste and quality (AND ingredients!) at a very reasonable price. Just drop me a message on Facebook, Twitter, or leave a comment!

Til next time!!