Alas, nearly two months since my last post! Now that I’ve got school behind, it’s time to get posting again. I took a couple of shots back in September when my mom came to visit me in Manila, but everything after that day was just hell week after hell week in school. It’s semestral break now, and I’ve since been to many new restaurants to share.

In fact, I just came back from Hong Kong, but admittedly was too lazy to bring a heavy camera to add all the weight, considering the walking and the shopping over at HK. Dined at lots of fancy new places, and small tasty places as well! The one that has to stand out is Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse though. Second time I ate there – REALLY expensive food, and really, the definition of fine dining. Of course, I didn’t eat steak, and opted for the Portobello Mushrooms with a variety of vegetables. If you stumble on a Ruth’s Chris branch, I definitely recommend it. Bang for your buck!

Anyways, these pics were taken on September 18th and 19th, the weekend my mom came to visit.

Whenever my parents come, I always take advantage of the fact that we have car service during their stay, so I go to places I never do without a car to bring me around. My first stop was Chelsea Market & Cafe at Serendra, Global City. It’s officially my favorite resto in Manila, and it’s the only thing I miss every time I fly home to Cebu.

Grilled Organic Roasted Vegetable Sandwich with rosemary feta, tabbouleh salad, and garden pesto – if there’s one thing I’m sure to eat when I visit Chelsea, it’s this right here! The fact that I order this every single time I go to Chelsea says a lot.

Roasted Portobello Mushroom Pizza – tasted REALLY good! I love portobello mushrooms, and there were really only two choices for me: margherita and roasted portobello mushroom. Never tried portobello mushroom pizza, so I ordered this for both me and my mom, and it was great. Melts in your mouth kind of stuff!

I wanted to eat some yogurt after, but we got a free slice of Smores Cake from Chelsea thanks to some Visa promo. It was great, but I’ve tasted better. Too sweet for me, but still, it was nice to indulge considering I was (and currently am) on a sweets-obsession. Diabetes is calling me, so I should probably stop.

Every Sunday, Legazpi Village has a Sunday Market where you can find a range of (mostly organic) home made products and food. I haven’t been to the Salcedo Saturday Market (similar to the Legazpi Market) because traffic always kills the mood. This is my second time to visit, and I loooooove the veggie options available on there, especially the food. Both Legazpi (Sunday) and Salcedo (Saturday) Weekend Markets are open from 7 am to 2 pm. The pictures below aren’t the only stalls, by the way, just a select few. There are lots of stalls to choose from, so go and visit if you can. Sorry for the poor pictures!

Stall selling a variety of quiches.

Indonesian stall, if I remember correctly. I bought my lunch here! ….twice!

We went at around lunchtime, so me and my mom had our lunch there. She ordered Fresh Chinese Lumpia (veggies, crispy flakes, nuts, garlic) at Yan Ching – it was so good, she took 2 pcs home!

Like I said above, I ordered from the Indonesian stall. They had plenty of veggie-friendly dishes I was more than happy to stuff myself with (TWICE.) What you see below is one serving, I had another. Hahaha! Spiced greens, tofu omelette, and a spicy eggplant!

Me and my mom then ate a cup of home made ice cream made of carabao milk. I forgot the flavor we ordered, I think it was Ube Pinipig (purple yam flavored ice cream w/ prematurely harvested rice bits) or something like that. But it was so good! I had thoughts of diabetes so I was quick to dismiss a second serving.

That’s all for now – I kind of regret not bringing my camera to Hong Kong. But on the plus side, I just bought new portrait lenses so I can capture food better. I hope I can start working on improving my photography to have better presentation for yous.

Til next time!