Twice a year (or so, depending how many anniversaries/celebrations there are) – usually happens in New Year’s and/or Christmas time – we hold this big food fiesta in the compound for our factory workers, store workers and family helpers. Kind of like a sign of thanksgiving on our behalf to them. My cousin just got married, so we had a “fiesta” It was full of Filipino food (considering we’re catering to Filipinos here.. haha) – we have a different set of food served for the family, and a different set for the other people – but more or less it’s still a “fiesta” – served separately of course, we eat inside my grandparents’ house and there are tables and buffet-style tables set up outside for the others. All food are home-cooked! There was enough food to serve around 400+ people.. so yeah, that’s plenty! I just took pics from what we got inside the house though. They’re kind of horrible since my new lenses don’t have an autofocus motor, but I don’t mind! Hahaha! Just for fun anyways 😀

Pigs being roasted.

This is the star of the show in EVERY Filipino household. Cebu Lechon (Roasted pig, stuffed with spices, leaves, etc.) is the besttt!

Puso, otherwise known as “hanging rice” – rice wrapped in leaves. Always lechon’s best companion.

Tanghon (Glass Noodles) with Mixed Vegetables

Roasted Calf Leg – served with sweet sauce.. I miss this! Haha (the sauce, that is. I dipped my broccoli in sauce just to taste it again.)

Goat stew – popular dish here in the Philippines. The fruits and vegetables added enhances the smell/taste of the sauce.

Grilled Prawns


Chicharon Bulaklak – Crispy fried pig intestines shaped in “flowers” (hence, “bulaklak”).. sounds like hell, but tastes like heaven! NO LIE. This one tempted me the most.

Broccoli with Garlic – cooked specially for me! (otherwise I’d have starved. Hahaha)

Mango Pandan – famous Filipino dessert. Mango and pandan leaves-flavored jelly!

Not so much a “food” fiesta for me – I only ate broccoli, tanghon and mango pandan. Tempted, yes, but nothing I can handle. While I understand that my whole family stuffing themselves with animals completely goes against what I believe, I don’t like and I don’t want to force them to do something they don’t believe in or something they don’t want to do. I certainly wouldn’t want them to force me eat meat, either.

This was the last family dinner I had with my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, niece, and to top it all off with the people who’ve stuck by us for plenty of years in service. Great way to celebrate. 🙂

Til next time!

(Btw, she probably doesn’t need traffic considering she’s a goddess at photography and composition now (psssh!) but check out bff KP’s Baking Between Cities! Absolutely talented in photography (the difference between me and her, despite both of us having crap equipment is that she makes it work. Like a pro.) and also in baking. KP, I know you miss Filipino food over there, so this post is dedicated to you. Mostly to make you feel even more homesick than you already do. Hahahahaha!)