When me and my cousins went to Bluewater, one of the other places that we went to eat at was MB’s Tavern. Our uncle introduced us to this place around 5 years ago. He said he knew of a place that served amazing spaghetti and pizza but forgot the name (… joy.) and we thought it was some mythical made-up place. But what the heck? We took the chance and looked for the place without knowing its name other than that it served amazing pizza and spaghetti. It was a long drive from the main Maribago road. We got lost, asked for directions on “a popular place that sold pizza and spaghetti”. Thought we were going nowhere, but there it was, hidden in the corner of little cramped up streets… and from that day on I was forever grateful to my uncle for introducing me to this place! Last time we ate there, it was reaally good, but we ordered way too much. We hardly go to this place since it’s pretty far from the city, but staying at Maribago Bluewater gave us a chance to revisit it. They have this epic dish called The Sketti, and I was craaaaving it the whole time!

A lot of Lapu-Lapu’s residents should find this place familiar. It’s a Euro deli, a resto, and a beer garden as well. Two floors. It’s hard to find if you don’t know your way, but if you ask around, people should be familiar with this place.

We went during dinner time, around 7:30 pm – usually pretty empty compared to when it’s much later at night. People chill around to eat, play billiards, and have drinks.

On to the food!

The Sketti – this is the sketti. It used to be called (or is called) the pizza sketti, but it’s not pizza. It’s just spaghetti baked in a clay dish, generously layered with lots of cheese and tomato sauce.

This will cost you around PhP250 (if I remember correctly) and can serve around 8 people. Last time we came here, we ordered three for 9 people. Learning our mistake, we ordered just one this time. I have to show you when my cousin mixes this, because it’s epic!

Look at all that cheeeeese!

See? EPIC!

Tavern Pizza – pretty good; thin crust and crispy! Really generous with the cheese as well. My cousin found it bland, but I’m a big fan of cheese, and pizza topped with excellent quality mozzarella is fine by me!

Side Orders: fries, mashed potato with gravy, chicken wings

The gravy ruined the mashed potatoes for most of us. Gravy was bland, and had a really odd smell to it. We didn’t finish it at all. We had an additional side serving of mashed potatoes that they forgot to serve, but we asked for it not to be served instead!

The chicken wings were bland for me. Lacked salt, lacked pepper, lacked flavor – period.

The first chicken wing my cousin grabbed was a bloody, undercooked one.

Good thing the rest were fine.

And here’s a shot of my plate – I had about 2-3 servings of the sketti and the pizza. The rest, I tried once and never got a second serving again. I was stuffed!

Service – 4

I’m sorry, but I absolutely loathe waitresses with attitude. The waitress who served us had that… attitude.  The girl needs to smile more. Don’t just smile when it’s a foreigner you’re serving. Food, however, didn’t take very long to come. We were hungry, and it came really fast. The waitresses were generally very attentive, except for that girl who took our orders the first time. They forgot to serve one of our mashed potatoes, but it must have been a blessing in disguise because they were awful.

Food – 4

I’m a bit indifferent to the others: fries, chicken wings, but I loved the sketti and the pizza! It was packed with flavor for me, a lot of cheese certainly helped, and a lot of tomato sauce on the sketti. There wasn’t a lot of meat going around, but in my opinion the cheese/tomato sufficed. The taste is almost exactly the same for the sketti and the pizza, though. The only difference is the pasta and the crust. So if you like the taste of one, you’re sure to like the taste of the other. It didn’t bother me much because I really, really liked it. 🙂 Oh, did I already mention that I hated the mashed potatoes?

Value – 4.5

Considering the servings you’re getting in this place, the value for money is great. PhP250 for a sketti that serves 8 people? Definitely coming back! With the amount of cheese they put on the pizza and the spaghetti and how much it costs you, it’s such a grab. The sides are a bit expensive though. We ordered ONE WHOLE German version of crispy pata for our driver that cost only PhP300-350(?), I can’t recall exactly but it was somewhere there. That’s with a side salad and rice/fries. Overall, we paid PhP1,500 to feed 7 people. We came hungry, we went stuffed!

Over-all Rating – 4.17

I love this place! My experiences here with my family, with my friends – It’s always a great experience with the sketti (oh, except for the mashed and that waitress. That b…). They also sell various European meats, and some local pastries. They’ve got a beer garden upstairs, some billiard tables, and it has got a homey atmosphere to it despite being more of a drinking place. The eats are worth trying (sketti!!) of course.

MB’s Tavern
Basak, Kagodoy, Lapu-Lapu City,
Cebu, Philippines

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