It’s been officially a year since I last started Bliss in a Bite. Despite what I had hoped, I wasn’t able to share as much delicious food as I’ve encountered this past year.

When you’re a fat foodie, you’re lazy. When you’re lazy, you have a pile of pictures waiting to be published on your food blog — and they remain unpublished. I’ve been to so many places, trying so much new food, but because I keep putting off updates, they’re just on my hard drive. What do you do with old food pictures? You throw it out. Just like food. It loses its appeal. My memory can no longer recall that euphoric feeling I had when I took a bite……

I do hope that when I do get back to taking pictures, I upload and share them.

So that’s my first year resolution for Bliss in a Bite.

I promise to bring in much more informative posts next time. Must. Not. Be. Fat. And. Lazy.

Forever a foodie,


(P.S. I just discovered the “Read more” cut for wordpress. I am beyond amazed.)