The Elvis. A simple peanut butter and banana sandwich - but this time, with a few tweaks of cinnamon raisin flavored peanut butter and pan de sal instead of sliced bread.

The peanut butter jar. The peanut butter jar.? THE PEANUT BUTTER JAR!

For nearly the whole year last year, peanut butter was a staple for snacking. I would eat it every single day, and would finish a jar within a week. Things have changed since then as I’ve learned to try out different things. Lately I always forget to indulge in the peanut butter jar.

Not today.

Peanut Butter & Co. produces a variety of the most delicious peanut butter flavors – and I’ve tried them all. My favorite would have to be Dark Chocolate Dreams, but accompanying me today, second best to taste palate, is  the Cinnamon Raisin Swirl flavor.

There are days when my dad would come home from his early morning church with a bag of fresh bread for the family and the help to enjoy, and today was one of those days. After seeing a fresh batch of Filipino pan de sal on the table, I knew I was going to have these for merienda in the afternoon to go along with my peanut butter.

Enjoyed hot from the toaster oven, and on a rainy afternoon in Cebu.