Shangri-La Mactan’s Tea of Spring Dimsum Buffet

WARNING: image heavy!

We had a second visit to Shangri-La Mactan’s Tea of Spring two Sundays ago. During Saturdays and Sundays, you can avail of their “eat-all-you-can” dimsum for only PhP799++, which roughly amounts to ~PhP1000 per person.

Last time I came here, we had dinner for my cousin’s birthday. Service took long, but the food was worth the wait. A few times before, me and my parents had a great experience (in terms of food) but we had ordered “ala carte” and this is the first time I’ve tried the dimsum buffet. My parents have tried it though while I was in Manila, and my dad gave the same complaint: that service was slow and that the food took very long.

Let’s see how this visit fares.

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Shangri-La Mactan: Tea of Spring

It’s been a long time!! I haven’t posted in forever. So many things have happened since then, and so many restaurants. I’ve recently started cooking for myself, and I’ll update some posts on that later on. But for now, we headed over to Shangri-La Mactan’s Tea of Spring for my cousin Myles’ birthday. There was SO MUCH food. I think I left out a few pictures, though. Sorry I forgot some of the names, this was on the 25th of February.

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Family Fiesta

Twice a year (or so, depending how many anniversaries/celebrations there are) – usually happens in New Year’s and/or Christmas time – we hold this big food fiesta in the compound for our factory workers, store workers and family helpers. Kind of like a sign of thanksgiving on our behalf to them. My cousin just got married, so we had a “fiesta” It was full of Filipino food (considering we’re catering to Filipinos here.. haha) – we have a different set of food served for the family, and a different set for the other people – but more or less it’s still a “fiesta” – served separately of course, we eat inside my grandparents’ house and there are tables and buffet-style tables set up outside for the others. All food are home-cooked! There was enough food to serve around 400+ people.. so yeah, that’s plenty! I just took pics from what we got inside the house though. They’re kind of horrible since my new lenses don’t have an autofocus motor, but I don’t mind! Hahaha! Just for fun anyways 😀 Read more…

Market Manila: Chelsea Market & Cafe; Legazpi Sunday Market

Alas, nearly two months since my last post! Now that I’ve got school behind, it’s time to get posting again. I took a couple of shots back in September when my mom came to visit me in Manila, but everything after that day was just hell week after hell week in school. It’s semestral break now, and I’ve since been to many new restaurants to share.

In fact, I just came back from Hong Kong, but admittedly was too lazy to bring a heavy camera to add all the weight, considering the walking and the shopping over at HK. Dined at lots of fancy new places, and small tasty places as well! The one that has to stand out is Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse though. Second time I ate there – REALLY expensive food, and really, the definition of fine dining. Of course, I didn’t eat steak, and opted for the Portobello Mushrooms with a variety of vegetables. If you stumble on a Ruth’s Chris branch, I definitely recommend it. Bang for your buck!

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Maya for Mexican!

I realized I didn’t update for a very long time, so I decided to put up some pictures I took when I was in Cebu (around the last weekend of August) I didn’t post them initially because the lighting in these pictures are really poor (yellow lighting) and I just didn’t have the time to edit/post them when I got back to Manila. Blame it on the heavy schoolwork!

Thankfully this weekend is going to be a breather, and it’s only a month left until semestral break!

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Broccoli and Beans Salad; a look at Pizzeria Michelangelo

Living in the dormitory means having no access to good food, so I took the opportunity to cook up some healthy dishes for myself in my stay in Cebu. I flew back in from Manila again (yet another long weekend) last Friday, and I stopped by Gourdo’s World Market in The Fort before going to the airport and purchased red kidney beans, so I took them and decided it was going to be my “main ingredient” for lunch the next day. After, I indulged in Tomato Basil Spaghettini from California Pizza Kitchen… sneakily.

I knew that Cebu meant comfort food for me during dinner, so that meant easing on my lunch a bit. I decided to make my own colorful Broccoli and Beans Salad for a light lunch! Read more…

Muffins (Blueberry), Munchkins, and Marble!

Last Friday I baked for the first time with my cousin, Mitch! I know right, for a person who loves food so much… it’s about time I start learning how to bake and cook my own food. Read more…