Food. Everybody loves food. If someone comes up to me and tells me they don’t enjoy food – they’re lying. It’s how we live – we need to eat. People talk about portion control, but ultimately you just know in the back of their heads they wished they could eat anything without gaining weight. I love food – in fact, I love it too much that it got me bringing around at least 30 extra pounds of fat these past few years!

Since the beginning of April, I’ve devoted myself to healthier choices while still ultimately enjoying one of mine as well as everybody else’s (yeah, that’s right, DON’T DENY IT!) favorite things in life: food. 

Down to the point: Bliss in a bite – without a shadow of a doubt food makes us happy. My blog will chronicle the tasty bites that I come across in every aspect of my life (I love to travel!!)… But only those that I believe everyone deserves to know about (no, I don’t think people should hear about, all the more see the cafeteria food served here).

Forever a foodie,