Hot and Cold: Sizzling Pepper Steak and Red Mango Frozen Yogurt

Sizzling Pepper Steak's Gyuniku Beef Pepper Rice

Foodie days with Katrina are all too regular on weekends in Cebu, but nothing to complain about. There is nothing like great conversation and great company to go over a couple of meals in a day.

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Cinnamon Raisin Elvis Pan de Sal

The Elvis. A simple peanut butter and banana sandwich - but this time, with a few tweaks of cinnamon raisin flavored peanut butter and pan de sal instead of sliced bread.

The peanut butter jar. The peanut butter jar.? THE PEANUT BUTTER JAR!

For nearly the whole year last year, peanut butter was a staple for snacking. I would eat it every single day, and would finish a jar within a week. Things have changed since then as I’ve learned to try out different things. Lately I always forget to indulge in the peanut butter jar.

Not today.

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Taking Off with Ya Kun Kaya Toast

It would be hard to disagree with me when I say that Singapore is perhaps one of the best, if not the best culinary destination for Southeast Asian cuisine. Inhibited by different races, people of different places, it’s literally the melting pot of Asian cultures. You could say the same for their cuisine, ultimately resulting in a very rewarding fusion of spices and flavors from all over Asia.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast Set: two slices of kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and green tea (PhP 180)

One of the most popular meals would have to be the typical Singaporean breakfast: two slices of toast slathered with kaya jam, soft-boiled eggs, and a cup of kopi. Ya Kun Kaya Toast, a popular food chain from Singapore, arrived on Philippine shores not too long ago and opened their first branch at Terminal 2 (Domestic) of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. On route to Cebu, today was my third visit to this chain.

* Apologies for the iPhone quality pictures!

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A Taste of Thailand at Siam

In the many years that Krua Thai, Siam‘s “parent” restaurant, has been in operation Cebu, I’ve only had the pleasure of eating there once. Southeast Asian cuisine, apart from dishes that closely resemble ones we consider closest to home (Chinese and Filipino cuisines), has never really been appreciated by my family nor my friends.

In contrast to the all-too-common admiration for Western cuisine such as pizza, pasta, burgers and fries, I’m very much open to cuisines that offer something different. Coming from the Southeast Asian region where spices are most abundant, it’s no coincidence that I love dishes that consist of different spices that marry together to give you that burst of flavor. In fact, as I type, I currently munch on a spicy garlic-flavored Khakhra, a crispy flat bread from India. Never have I felt more proud to say that… I’m a Spice Girl. 😀

Thankfully, my parents are much more open to different cuisines now (other than the Chinese restaurants we go to on family days) but the one other person who I’ve convinced to try out new food is no one other than my bestfriend, Katrina (who I have to thank by the way for providing me with the photos in this post :)) She recently returned from studying in Switzerland, and I’m glad to have her back home in the Philippines. Siam was only the beginning of our culinary adventure, which we happily coin as part of… “research & development” purposes 😀

Traditional Pad Thai

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1 Year Later: Fat foodie is lazy.

It’s been officially a year since I last started Bliss in a Bite. Despite what I had hoped, I wasn’t able to share as much delicious food as I’ve encountered this past year.

When you’re a fat foodie, you’re lazy. When you’re lazy, you have a pile of pictures waiting to be published on your food blog — and they remain unpublished. I’ve been to so many places, trying so much new food, but because I keep putting off updates, they’re just on my hard drive. What do you do with old food pictures? You throw it out. Just like food. It loses its appeal. My memory can no longer recall that euphoric feeling I had when I took a bite……

I do hope that when I do get back to taking pictures, I upload and share them.

So that’s my first year resolution for Bliss in a Bite.

I promise to bring in much more informative posts next time. Must. Not. Be. Fat. And. Lazy.

Forever a foodie,


(P.S. I just discovered the “Read more” cut for wordpress. I am beyond amazed.)

MB’s Tavern

When me and my cousins went to Bluewater, one of the other places that we went to eat at was MB’s Tavern. Our uncle introduced us to this place around 5 years ago. He said he knew of a place that served amazing spaghetti and pizza but forgot the name (… joy.) and we thought it was some mythical made-up place. But what the heck? We took the chance and looked for the place without knowing its name other than that it served amazing pizza and spaghetti. It was a long drive from the main Maribago road. We got lost, asked for directions on “a popular place that sold pizza and spaghetti”. Thought we were going nowhere, but there it was, hidden in the corner of little cramped up streets… and from that day on I was forever grateful to my uncle for introducing me to this place! Last time we ate there, it was reaally good, but we ordered way too much. We hardly go to this place since it’s pretty far from the city, but staying at Maribago Bluewater gave us a chance to revisit it. They have this epic dish called The Sketti, and I was craaaaving it the whole time!

A lot of Lapu-Lapu’s residents should find this place familiar. It’s a Euro deli, a resto, and a beer garden as well. Two floors. It’s hard to find if you don’t know your way, but if you ask around, people should be familiar with this place.

We went during dinner time, around 7:30 pm – usually pretty empty compared to when it’s much later at night. People chill around to eat, play billiards, and have drinks.

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Inday Pinas Sutukil & Seafood Haus

Last weekend gave me and my cousins a reason to indulge in some fresh seafood at Sutukil, one of the most popular destinations for tourists to try out fresh seafood.

We went to Maribago Bluewaters last weekend. We’ve been going to Bluewaters for a week-long stay at the bungalows since we were young, and it’s nice to be doing it until now.

There are a lot of restaurants there, but collectively they’re called Sutukil as one. I think we went to Inday Pinas. So the seafood is displayed, and you basically pick what you want. They sell by kilo, and the way it’s cooked doesn’t matter. The prices are NOT local-friendly, like they were priced with foreigners in mind. Tip: always ask the price per kilo

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Shangri-La Mactan’s Tea of Spring Dimsum Buffet

WARNING: image heavy!

We had a second visit to Shangri-La Mactan’s Tea of Spring two Sundays ago. During Saturdays and Sundays, you can avail of their “eat-all-you-can” dimsum for only PhP799++, which roughly amounts to ~PhP1000 per person.

Last time I came here, we had dinner for my cousin’s birthday. Service took long, but the food was worth the wait. A few times before, me and my parents had a great experience (in terms of food) but we had ordered “ala carte” and this is the first time I’ve tried the dimsum buffet. My parents have tried it though while I was in Manila, and my dad gave the same complaint: that service was slow and that the food took very long.

Let’s see how this visit fares.

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Shangri-La Mactan: Tea of Spring

It’s been a long time!! I haven’t posted in forever. So many things have happened since then, and so many restaurants. I’ve recently started cooking for myself, and I’ll update some posts on that later on. But for now, we headed over to Shangri-La Mactan’s Tea of Spring for my cousin Myles’ birthday. There was SO MUCH food. I think I left out a few pictures, though. Sorry I forgot some of the names, this was on the 25th of February.

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Family Fiesta

Twice a year (or so, depending how many anniversaries/celebrations there are) – usually happens in New Year’s and/or Christmas time – we hold this big food fiesta in the compound for our factory workers, store workers and family helpers. Kind of like a sign of thanksgiving on our behalf to them. My cousin just got married, so we had a “fiesta” It was full of Filipino food (considering we’re catering to Filipinos here.. haha) – we have a different set of food served for the family, and a different set for the other people – but more or less it’s still a “fiesta” – served separately of course, we eat inside my grandparents’ house and there are tables and buffet-style tables set up outside for the others. All food are home-cooked! There was enough food to serve around 400+ people.. so yeah, that’s plenty! I just took pics from what we got inside the house though. They’re kind of horrible since my new lenses don’t have an autofocus motor, but I don’t mind! Hahaha! Just for fun anyways 😀 Read more…